Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Great "Expectations"

Just to be clear, this post has nothing to do with Mr. Dickens novel. The idea here is only to emphasize the greatness of the "Expectations" phenomenon. Why do I refer to it as a phenomenon, well because it amazes you how even after numerous let downs one can still stand expecting the same!

A huge chunk of disappointments that one experiences in life results from expectations. It's a very basic human nature to expect a lot from people-close-to-us. "People-close-to-us" is a distinct group consisting of a considerable number of people according to our assumptions but that's rarely the case. At numerous occasion in life you come to realize this fact and you start getting the actual picture of that group. But for this you have to be alert to the signals being delivered or else the disappointments never end.

After the first two posts on a very positive note you might not have been expecting such stuff. Well that's again the beauty of expectations, they always surprise you! The point is not to scare you away from them, but to stay close to the reality. Expect more from yourself then from others. You'll then know for sure what to expect and even if things don't turn out the way you want them to, you'll know what went wrong and how can that be amended. The more you believe in yourself, higher your expectations will be. And the chances are, you won't be disappointed.

I know this post again has turned out like some sort of a lecture, and some people don't like hearing those from me, but am not trying to live up to anyone's expectations. Am doing this for myself. I expect myself to deliver some good stuff, and here I am testing just that. Sharing my thoughts with anyone who gives a crap.