Monday, March 9, 2009

Hope !

As mentioned in The Prologue, this blog is about my weird thoughts and theories, so today it's gonna be my take on a very special thing called HOPE !!

So why HOPE ?? Well again the credit goes to one of my friends for whom this word has kinda lost its meaning which is quite something for me to absorb cuz the same person gave me a good dosage of hope when life was giving me a tough time. I may not have gone through any major turmoil but there were times when i felt all alone and helpless and all i had to hold on to, was hope. Hope that these times will be over soon. Hope that things will be back to how they were. Hope that whatever is happening is for some greater good and all i have to do is be strong and keep my faith alive.

Life is a blessing, and whether or not you are appreciative of that is what ur gonna be test for. It doesn't matter whether you have been good or bad all ur life, be very sure that testing times will come. How strong you are in those times will determine how you will be rewarded. I learned to thank God in even the roughest of times cuz I learned to appreciate how blessed I am. I learned to seek the positives in the most difficult of times. I learned to smile at my troubles. I did all this cuz I had the power of hope behind me. And this hope came from belief. Belief that nothing in this world is impossible if you have the determination to achieve it. Belief that the dawn always comes after the night is the darkest. Belief in myself and above all belief in Allah!

Hope is that ray of light in a dark tunnel, which encourages you to keep moving towards it. It is that strength which makes you go the distance to achieve the unachievable. It is that friend who lifts you up when the rest of the world is pushing you down. Would you give up on that? If you would really hold on to it, you will never see the face of defeat because you chose not to. But if you give up, you just don't give up on yourself but also on the hopes of your loved ones who care for you, who'd like to share the joy of your success and love to see a smile on your face.

All this may sound absurd to people who are passing through a difficult phase of life cuz am being very optimistic over here. I haven't been the same my whole life, so I can understand how difficult it is to absorb. But take my word, once you do understand, start believing in yourself and break those barriers that have been holding you back, you'll feel a whole new life into you, a whole new purpose to live for and a whole new hope for a brighter tomorrow!