Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Prologue

Let's start with some facts. This is not the first time am starting to write something. I've given it a shot a couple of times earlier, but only after 10 or so minutes I would read it back again and say to myself "What the hell is that ! I could have done much better things with that time" (You know ;)). So, this time I'll try not to read it again and let you all, and by all I mean those few unlucky friends of mine whom I have forced to read this blog, decide how bad a decision was this.

Talking of BLOGS, a term which has kinda become a fad, what are these? Why are people so fascinated about them? I mean, why does one writes a blog? I never thought that I would be writing one, yet here I am scribbling away and asking myself the same question.
It's a Saturday afternoon, a time when am usually watching a movie or just killing time browsing through the cable. But today I decided to bring blogging into my life. I decided to torture my friends with my weird thoughts and "Theories" (Let's talk about it later) that would most of the time not make sense but I would just love for them to experience a little part of my perplexed world.

I most certainly didn't plan for this like I never do for most of the stuff. So don't be expecting a lot to read around here. I'll be here to give you people some food for thought (ya right!), when am tired being lazy. What it would be like? Let's just keep it a surprise for now !


  1. Jdee, i expected you to say "now we are blog buddies". Come on man, say it, let it out :P

    Billu, welcome to blogging, but don't give up on all those "much better things" particularly the ones for which you asked for my user id and password

  2. @Farhan: Ofcourse, we are blog buddies. BTW, are you talking about your rangeen ids, here? :P

  3. @Farhan: Don't worry about .. not givin up on that !
    @JDee: Yep .. thats exactly what he's talkin abt ;)

  4. yeah i'm talking about my access id to the knowledge base